Monday, November 30, 2009

an author's perspective

The Paris Review is an excellent source of interviews with different authors.The one I chose was not a podcast but a PDF file interview from 1968 with Jack Kerouac.While I have read different books on the life of Kerouac it was interesting to read an interview with him. I learnt that after his first book where he was edited without his consent, he took complete control of his writing. From then on all his writing was published exactly as it was submitted by him. The Paris Review has a great archive of interviews with many different writers and is worth looking at.
Nick Cave, from the Australian band Bad Seeds, has written a second book called The Death of Bunny Munro. I listened to a podcast interview on the Guardian Book Club. He speaks well and draws you into a story that would not necessarily be one I would choose to read. However, he talked about the difference between writing a novel and a song; saying the novel was easier as often a line in a song painstakingly written could, when set to music in the studio, sound ridiculous. The book has also come out in audio form which the author particularly wanted. He has written music for the audio book. The cover looks cute but the topic is not!

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